A Lord Comes To Bosco House

1c883f33-dd25-43f9-93ef-c98f0a70375dBosco House was buzzing with excitement at the prospect of a real-life Lord paying a visit this month. As part of the Well Sefton scheme, Lord Andrew Mawson called in to spend some time talking to service users to get the low-down on life in Bosco.

The focus of his visit was to find out from those affected how homelessness impacts on individuals and the local community – and the changes that come from being offered somewhere decent to live. Accordingly, he spent time chatting to some of the residents to get their views on life on the street and the importance of supported accommodation in getting your life back on track.

Dave Morton, one of Bosco’s team of volunteers, gave the Lord the guided tour of the house, gardens, and the facilities in the Futures Suite. Dave said: “He was particularly impressed with the music room and the activities that go on here. And, for a Lord, he seemed like a pretty down-to-earth bloke. Nice guy.”

Lord Mawson commented: “We believe in the unique gifts of every individual in the community and this is the secret to our success. It is the people bit that matters and this is what civil servants and politicians often fail to understand. We engage government firmly but positively; focusing on bringing consistency to their multiplicity of approaches and initiatives.”

Well Sefton is one of the initial pilot sites of Well North, a programme to test interventions to improve overall health in some of the poorest and most deprived areas of the North of England. Following an initial rapid review, led by Lord Mawson, a number of recommendations were made that emphasised the need for boosting local infrastructure, particularly in the community and voluntary sector.

Bosco House was one of the projects Well Sefton chose for Lord Mawson to visit, so he could see an example of good practice in providing support to the homeless in the borough