Bosco Teams Up With New Charity To Create Green Spaces

The Bosco Society is delighted to announce they’re working with a new charity, Jackpine, to create a new green space at their hostel in Bootle.

The project aims to help tackle climate change, boost mental health, biodiversity, and aesthetics by creating a new green space that involves planting numerous plants on a ‘green wall’ and railings at Bosco Lodge on Stanley Road. COVID-19 rules permitting, they’re hoping to complete the project in summer this year.

To understand climate change, we first need to remind ourselves of the basics – the greenhouse effect. A proportion of thermal energy from the Earth’s surface escapes into space, but some gases in the atmosphere, called greenhouse gases, trap this escaping thermal energy. This causes some of the thermal energy to pass back to the surface. This is called the greenhouse effect, and it is essential to keep our planet warm.

More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, however, increases the greenhouse effect to undesirable levels. Human activity has increased levels of carbon dioxide that has caused the planet to become warmer than it would be naturally, and this is what we call climate change or global warming. A proven method of reducing the harmful carbon in the atmosphere is through tree planting. Trees absorb harmful greenhouses gasses such as the previously mentioned carbon dioxide and then release oxygen back into the air.

So, what are the benefits of ‘green’ walls? We asked Jackpine founder, Tom Lees: “There are numerous benefits for green or living walls on buildings. They restore the link between humans and nature that has become an ever-increasing issue in urban areas. They are aesthetically pleasing, and the benefits of being near nature and vegetation have been proven to help improve our overall wellbeing and mental health.”

Tom added: “They also have multiple environmental benefits such as removing air pollutants from the surrounding air space, they help insulate a building and regulate surrounding temperatures, and can improve local biodiversity. We are currently looking for volunteers for the day so if you are interested please email”

Bosco Chairman, Alan Matthews, said: “We’re really excited about this new venture. Anything we can do to reduce carbon emissions has got to be important and Tom has the vision and enthusiasm to make this work. We hope that our consortium partners in SSHG will join us in identifying sites for green walls and planting more trees.”

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