Buy A Candle To Help The Homeless – For Only £2,021!

Love money and hate the rising rate of homelessness in the UK? This candle gives you the chance to smell one and combat the other in one fell swoop, reports the Metro.

The ‘Smells Like Capitalism’ candle by Flaming Crap gives off an aroma of a leather wallet with notes of British pounds kept specifically ‘in an off-shore account’. The candle has a burn time of 30 hours, and is made from vegan soy wax and recycled materials.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, the totally normal-sized candle can be yours for £2,021. The team at Flaming Crap aren’t without a healthy sense of irony, with all the profits from the sale of this candle going to aid homeless charities around the UK.

Oliver Burr, Co-Founder of Flaming Crap said: “Some luxury brands sell candles at a price tag of up to £1000, with little explanation of how this astronomical figure is justified. All our products are handcrafted and unable to be mass-produced, meaning we include that one quality ingredient – passion.”

Oliver added: “At Flaming Crap, we want to give back to our community and let the public realise quality comes from this passion, not always price tag and celebrity. Hopefully with our latest release we can raise money for some seriously worthy causes – and make a statement at the same time.”