How Do You Explain Homelessness To A Child?

A little girl is on mission to make homeless people smile in Chester and Liverpool, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Carly Davies, 25, had just picked up her six-year-old niece, Lia, from school last Monday (October 11) afternoon when the little girl made a surprise suggestion. Carly told the Echo: “She said that she saw somebody in town and that she realised they didn’t have a pillow, and she thought they’d get sore necks.”

Carly, who herself was once homeless and living in hostels, explained to Lia that these people are homeless and have nowhere to go. Carly said: “I just said to her that some people aren’t as lucky as others. They’re still people and they still deserve the same amount of kindness as everybody else. It’s just that they haven’t got a bedroom like she has. They have to stay out there.”

Carly added: “I just explained to Lia that I’m going to be going out to give blankets out and that, and she said she wanted to come. She had the idea of giving out toothpaste as well so they could keep their teeth clean, and hand sanitizer because of the virus.”

Lia, from Chester, told the Echo: “I want to make people smile because I don’t want people being sad, it makes me feel bad.” Her aunt Carly likes that Lia wants to help, but she also felt bad when Lia told her. Carly said: “People shouldn’t be on the streets. You shouldn’t be seeing people in that situation, should you?”

Speaking of her own time being homeless, Carly said: “I was lucky enough to be in hostels, but it’s not a nice experience. You get people thinking that just because you’re homeless, you don’t deserve people being nice to you. They just think you’re automatically bad. That’s why I want to help.”

“I normally go out every Christmas, and if I see a homeless person, I’ll get them a blanket and hand stuff out to them. I made little cards, and they say, ‘Storms don’t last forever’, and on the back there are Samaritans and ForFutures numbers.”

Carly and Lia are putting together survival packs with food, toiletries, pillows and blankets, some hats that someone is making, and Carly’s little cards, to hand out to homeless people in Chester and Liverpool. Carly added: “We’re going to try and get some Selection boxes as well because we think that everyone deserves a Christmas present, no matter what situation you’re in.”