Free Haircuts Help The Homeless In Liverpool

A group of friends who completed their barbering training together have been visiting city centres to give free haircuts to homeless people, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Steve O’Connor, 29, together with friends Jake Kel and Luke Glover, both 25, all work in Barbers No1 at locations throughout the city and in Warrington. Steve told the Echo that after passing their apprenticeship training, the three got together and devised a plan to give something back to the community. For the past few weeks, the barbers have been out in Liverpool and Warrington town centres approaching homeless people and asking if they want a free haircut.

Steve said: “We just wanted to do something for people who are living on the streets. The sad thing is a lot of the fellas are 100% willing to get their hair cut but no one has ever asked them. We asked a few of them if they wanted us to take them somewhere out of the way to do their hair cut but they didn’t want to lose their patch.”

He added: “We don’t want to be doing it on the street. If there was somewhere else we could go we would. But they tell us they don’t feel confident enough to go into a barbers. They say they’ve got greasy hair and we were saying don’t worry about that.”

Steve said that the gratitude shown by those that accepted the offer of a free haircut had really touched their hearts. He said: “When we see the same fellas again they say, ‘ah thanks very much again mate’.” Steve said, ideally he would like to find a place where they could go and cut people’s hair that would offer them a bit more dignity.

He added: “So many were saying to us they hadn’t had their hair cut in years due to the stigma of going into a barbers. Obviously, being homeless and not having the money as well. But to see the way they react after it, they seem so much happier inside. We felt great because we knew they felt so much better in themselves.”