Pizzas For The Homeless Of Birkenhead

The manager of a local Papa John’s branch helped to feed homeless people in Merseyside with a kind-hearted gesture.

Staff at Wirral’s Homeless CIC would like to thank Mike, who works at Papa John’s in Liscard, after he gave them 50% off all food for the homeless at their night shelter on Wednesday, reports the Liverpool Echo. The CIC have continued to work throughout the coronavirus crisis with volunteer cooks and drivers preparing food at home each day and delivering it to where it is needed. This includes a takeaway night, which falls on the 15th of every month, and sees volunteers deliver takeout food to homeless people at the YMCA night shelter in Birkenhead.

Posting on their Facebook page on Wednesday, director of the CIC, Graham Wilson, said: “If anybody knows Mike (Manager at Papa John’s Liscard) please share to thank his generosity tonight. He gave us preferential staff discount on all the food for our homeless at the night shelter. Top bloke!!”

Speaking to the Echo, Graham said: “We’ve got around 8-10 people coming to us at the moment. That’s quite a low number because with the Covid a lot of them have been taken off the streets – we see that as a positive thing. Although we love what we do we’d rather we didn’t have to do it at all. We can have between 20-30 people normally.”

“The volunteers are amazing. They supply fresh home cooked food everyday. That meal can sometimes be the first thing our homeless have had that day, they look forward to it.”

Graham added: “On the 15th of the month we run a takeaway night so last night we went to Papa Johns. We went into the Liscard store and a lovely guy called Mike, the manager, said I’ll give you staff discount which was 50% off.

“I was very appreciative and I said to him we’ll come back to you on the 15th of every month.”

In response to the post, people praised manager Mike for the thoughtful gesture. While Papa John’s replied: “This makes us really happy to see. We’re so pleased to see how helpful Mike was! Thank you so much for sharing.”