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Rent Reduction Deferred (For Now) Says Minister

After months of lobbying and hearing evidence from across the housing sector, the Minister of State for Welfare Reform has announced a “year-long exception for all supported accommodation from the 1% rent reduction in the social rented sector”. The reduction was due to come into effect this April, leading many providers to wonder how they […]

Proposed LHA Cap Causes Concern Across The Social Housing Sector

Last November the Government outlined their plans to extend Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to social landlords. This, in effect, would mean that those living in supported housing would only be able to claim the same housing benefit as those under private landlords, leading to a massive shortfall in income for providers. At present, social housing […]

The Russian Winter Claims The Lives Of Many Homeless People

Whilst we in the UK are complaining about the topsy-turvy weather we’ve been experiencing of late – gales, floods, but extremely mild temperatures – spare a thought for the rough-sleepers of Moscow. In a couple of months the ‘snowdrops’ will become visible as the snow begins to thaw. ‘Snowdrops’ is the euphemism the Russians use […]

Lifesaving overdose antidote training takes off at Bosco House

The lifesaving drug naloxone is now available to residents of supported housing services in Sefton. A change in the law last October meant that naloxone, an antidote to heroin overdose, will soon be in every hostel in the Borough. The first training session for staff in how to use naloxone (brand name Prenoxad) took place […]

Petition The Government To Reverse Their Decision On Housing Benefit

A new petition has taken off on Facebook to call on the government to think again about proposed changes to housing benefit (HB) in the coming years. As we reported last week, the Government has outlined plans to extend Local Housing Allowance to social landlords. Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the method by which local authorities […]

Venus Providing Debt Awareness Support

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, with plenty to eat and drink, and Santa brought all the children everything they wanted. Now comes the hangover! January is that time of year when we realise what a struggle it is to manage our day-to-day spending, especially after paying out all that […]

Big Changes To Housing Benefit In The Pipeline

In last autumn’s Comprehensive Spending Review, the Government outlined plans to extend Local Housing Allowance to social landlords. Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the method by which local authorities identify how much housing benefit a claimant is entitled to. At the moment social housing providers are excluded from LHA. In a briefing published by Homeless Link […]

Outrage As Homeless Doused With Cold Water

A charity that helps homeless people were appalled to hear of a group being doused with cold water as they sheltered in a doorway. The event came to light after Peoples’ Picnic volunteers, who provide meals for homeless people, posted on their Facebook page. The outrage at a Norwich shopping centre, Castle Mall, was investigated […]

Housing Bill Could Mean The End Of Council Tenancies, Say Experts

The government’s housing and planning bill was debated in the Commons last Tuesday (5.1.16), with discussion over amendments dragging on until 2 in the morning. The debate took so long because there are real concerns that the bill is badly thought out and could, in effect, see the end of council tenancies. This, at a […]