Bosco Walking Group Takes Great Strides

Bosco-Walking-GroupThe walking group at Boscop House has started up again after taking a break for a few months. So far the group has taken on three walks that have provided both a challenge and enjoyment for all involved.

One of the walkers, Stephen, said: “My experience on these walks has been exactly what I looked forward too; feeling alive and active with excitement. Going on adventures in new locations, persevering, being intuitive and brave finding new routes when we got stuck or lost or in doubt. Being part of a team/family and sharing these experiences together with friendly people from different backgrounds and ages. We are all enthusiastic and excited towards each adventure from my perspective.”

“The first walk was at Crosby beach up to Formby,” said Stephen. “It was a cloudy and very windy day, which made the day feel more like we were really out in the elements; sand hitting our faces and the waves crashing against the banks spraying water over parts of the walk. I personally enjoyed those parts too, because that’s what makes an authentic outdoors walk/adventure feel alive if that’s what you’re after.”

“Half way there we stopped at a local outdoors service and got chips and the best hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallow’s to top it off. The chips we had left over we threw to the birds, getting the seagulls to catch them in mid-air and a whole gang of small black birds came straight up to us almost close enough to feed from our hands.”

“Walking back was tough. I had never walked that distance in the boots I had that day and realised I needed to add soles to cushion my feet. I could barely walk in the end, but I persevered with the help of my friend and having a laugh on the walk back kept it fun. The good thing about these walks too is that you form bonds and memories with people.”

Another walker in the group, Vicky, said: “I really enjoyed our first walk. As a group we got the bus to Garston and walked back to Bosco House along the River Mersey. It was great to get to know staff and other residents away from the hostel environment. We all had a good laugh!”

“Even though we got drenched by cars splashing us with puddles of rain on dock road, we all felt a sense of achievement,” she added.

Stephen also commented about a walk along the Cheshire Lines: “This was a nine to ten mile walk, a bit more than our previous one. I was more prepared this time, added inner cushioning to the soles of my boots and an extra pair of footwear in my gym bag just in case.”

“The path was a bit more challenging this time because the mud was slippy on some of the paths, so the boots came in handy. We were walking through fields and trails, which was awesome. The scenery was great we had blue skies with white clouds and the vast open fields and distant woodlands were very visible. There were animals too, herds of sheep and some cows.”

“We eventually got to a bridge and the side we needed to be on had no path to get down. We found a small ledge to jump down and I was made up the others climbed down, because some people would stop in their tracks and they did it and it was one of those moments in an adventure were you feel like you’re doing what you got to do to get past an obstacle.”

“This always makes the adventure feel complete after moments like that. I had a great time anyway and it’s all been an awesome experience.”

Bosco support worker, James, said: “We started mid January and aim to improve health and to socialise and have a good laugh. We started with a nine mile Mersey River walk, which was followed by a Crosby walk to Burbo Bank, which was 8 1/2 miles. The latest walk was a Cheshire Lines walk in Lydiate.”

“It’s a great way to get fit and enjoy a group experience. There are more walks planned for the future and we’re all looking forward to getting outdoors again soon.”