Liverpool Bands Play To Help The Homeless

Liverpool bands Cast and The Farm are to play a fundraising gig for the homelessness charity Crisis.

The show, at the O2 Academy in Leeds on September the 18th, will kick-start a nationwide campaign, called Musicians Against Homelessness, that is being organised by former Oasis manager Alan McGee. As well as highlighting the issue of homelessness and raising cash, the show will provide an opportunity for new bands.

Cast singer John Power said: “Once you slip beneath the radar, it’s so hard to regain a foothold and so easy to find yourself living rough and becoming another anonymous casualty sleeping on the streets. It’s a massive modern problem and one we can’t just step over and ignore.”

“That is why we’re supporting Crisis, to try and highlight the issue through music and try and raise awareness about the situation. Maybe it’s time for us to think about how this government is dismantling the safety net of the welfare system through cuts, and ask them to address the skyrocketing rents people are being asked to pay. They should also address the lack of affordable homes on offer to people.”

“All of us need to question the stereotypical images we have of people on the streets. Falling on hard times or having a particular run of bad luck is something that could happen to anyone. And if you ain’t got any support when it hits you, you too could find yourself one rung of the ladder away from being homeless and living on the streets. Just a thought.”

Ed Tait, director of fundraising for Crisis, said: “The support of Musicians Against Homelessness comes at an important time. Homelessness is devastating, leaving people vulnerable and isolated. With rough sleeping rising steeply across England, unfortunately our services are all the more important.”