Venus Makers Keep On Making

Venus are renowned for the diverse range of activities and sessions that happen at Our Place, that anyone in the community can get involved with. One such activity is our Makers Project.

The Makers Project started off with a funded tutor a year ago, with the aim of supporting people to participate and develop cottage-industry skills like various crafts, sewing, crocheting, knitting, card making, etc. The hope was that this could develop into a Community Interest Company (CIC), a not-for-profit, self-sufficient organisation that helps people develop skills. Any income generated from the endeavor is then ploughed back into the business.

The tutor has now ended her work with the group, but it has been so successful the participants now meet weekly of their own accord and organised stalls at local craft fairs to sell their wares. The group is really welcoming and supportive, and the Centre is a hive of activity when they are around!

As well as making items to sell, the group is also developing skills in making and repairing clothing, which is really helpful to everyone concerned. Some of the group now regularly bring the odd item of clothing for hemming or adjusting in some way.

The group is open to anyone who is interested in taking part, so call Venus on 0151 474 4744 or drop in at The Venus Centre, 215 Linacre Lane, Bootle, L20 6AD, for more information.