Bosco Pilot Controlled Drinking Programme

Bosco House is to pilot a new approach to helping chaotic drinkers reduce the harm from the alcohol they are consuming.

The aim of the programme is to help clients gain control over their drinking by allowing them to have an agreed amount of alcohol at set times during the day. This is part of a support package that includes regular key-work sessions, mapping progress, working through challenges and relapse, and liaising closely with their key-worker at Sefton’s alcohol service.

The objectives of the plan are to help clients:

  1. Safely and gradually reduce their daily consumption of alcohol.
  2. Avoid eviction from Bosco House.
  3. Promote a less chaotic lifestyle.

How it works

During key-work sessions, the alcohol reduction plan is discussed with the client and the best way forward for that individual is agreed. The plan can then start on their next benefit payment day, when they purchase enough alcohol to see them through the coming week. The alcohol is then securely stored by staff for handing over at the agreed times.

For example, the key-worker and client agree a limit of how much to consume throughout the day and at specific times, for example:

  • 30am – 9.30am
  • 00pm – 3.00pm
  • 00pm – 9.00pm

Once the client is stabilised on a regular dose of alcohol, usually after the first two weeks, they can then aim to reduce the amount they consume each day.

There are, of course, strict conditions that the client agrees to:

  • The client must ask for each amount of alcohol from the staff on duty, at the allotted time. When this has been consumed, staff will remove the empty container(s).
  • The client can only consume the alcohol in their own room and nowhere else, on or off, the premises.
  • They cannot share their personal allowance of alcohol with any other resident, or allow any other resident or visitor to enter their room while the alcohol is there (it’s not a party, after all!).
  • The client cannot store the alcohol in their room in order to binge drink.
  • The client cannot ask any other resident or visitor to purchase or bring alcohol into the house on their behalf.

Failure to comply with these conditions and/or drinking on top of this amount away from Bosco House, will result in the plan being terminated and the remaining alcohol being taken off the premises. The plan is reviewed with the client during their weekly key-work sessions, and with other staff when necessary, to assess progress.